Travel and Conference Costs & Funding

Conference Costs - Summary

  • Hotel Accommodation - Covered by the conference
  • Meals - Covered by the conference (We will accommodate all reasonable dietary needs for all conference participants to the best of our ability)
  • Registration Fee - Covered by the student HOWEVER application fee waivers are available 
  • Travel to and from UIUC - First, check with your department, if they cannot support travel, the conference will cover this as long as you have obtained pre-approval first. (See Travel Support)
  • Any non-undergrad conference participants will have their meals paid for, but all other travel costs will need to be paid for by the individual. Please contact UIUC CUWiP directly.

Travel Support

We aim to make CUWiP accessible to everyone.  All meals and accommodation during the conference are organized and the costs are met by CUWiP. You do not need to book or arrange accommodation on Friday or Saturday night. Travel to the conference is usually paid for by your home department.  In cases where your own department, or other sources, can not cover the cost, there are funds available to provide support travel to CUWiP so no one has to miss out on CUWiP for financial reasons. In order to access those funds, please email to request travel support before December 17, 2022. 

Travel costs will typically be reimbursed after the conference. Before you book a plane ticket, or any other travel ticket costing more than $100, you must first email the cost and itinerary to to receive advance permission prior to incurring the cost. Significant costs which are not pre-approved may not be reimbursed.


On Friday, January 20, 2023, plan to park at the Hampton Inn and walk to Loomis if you can.  If not, the metered parking on S Goodwin Ave between Springfield Ave and Green Street will have about 20 spots for CUWiP attendees to park in.
Be sure to park in one of the areas shaded in orange below - Lots B21 and D8.

Loomis Lab Address: 1110 W Green St Loomis Laboratory, Urbana, IL 61801